The Dangers - Gold!!

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The Dangers - Gold!!.jpg

The Dangers - Gold!!


Imagine a transistor radio in 1971 playing ten wildly different classic rock/pop tracks from The Dangers, all solid gold! 

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  1. Blue Ride Home

  2. Psychedelia

  3. Island Of Lost Souls

  4. Everybody In

  5. Waterloo Evening

  6. Peace Sign

  7. Mary Anne

  8. Flowers And Trees

  9. Years

  10. My Someday

The Dangers
Chris LeRoy - Vocals, guitars, piano,organ, synths, bass
Lisa Kekaula - Vocals
Bob Vennum - Guitars, bass, percussion, synth,vocals/lead on Mary Anne
Tim Loughlin - Bass, vocals/lead on Flowers And Trees
Brad Vaughn - Drums, percussion

Additional Musicians -
Everybody In - Sean Longstreet, guitar
My Someday - Stephen J. Arti, drums; Paul Ahlstrand, horns
Additional Vocals - Pam Faragher, Ralph Torres, Mike Geoghegan & Judy Ann Davila

Produced by Robert Vennum and Chris LeRoy
Engineer - Maria Baglien
Recorded at Studio and Giant Steps
Mastering - Bob Lanzner TECHNOVOICE
Art Design - Wendy Hunt. Cover painting & images - BLINKY
All songs © 2013 Chris LeRoy. Published by New West Crash Music/ ASCAP *except Mary Anne © 2013 Robert Vennum Published by T-Dog/ BMI.