Danger News


December 9 - Annual Christmas Show with The Dangers at Studio.  This year's line-up: The Dangers, The Sedans, Mark Nemetz, The Conditionz, Eleventy and more!


September 1 - Campout 13.  6:00 pm The Dangers

September 3 - 12:30 pm Fi-Stock - The Dangers' annual closing Campout event.  Music and potluck.  The Dangers, Bob and Lisa, Mark Nemetz, Bill Barrett All Stars, The Conditionz and Salty Raisins

May 27 - "Riverside Chili Cook-Off" - The Dangers perform with a special unplugged show and full band

April 17 - Riverside Open Mic - 9:30 pm The Dangers Trio

March 19 - The Dangers Trio for Raincross Drive Benefit Concert


The Dangers Trio benefit show


Recording sessions for Land Of Opportunity

"Land Of Opportunity" is The Dangers ninth album. 


The Dangers perform at

Riverside's Annual Chili Cook-Off