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 Sound Of Waves (2015)

Here are my thoughts on 'Sound of Waves'. It seems like a sequel to 'Gold', because of the varying styles, but it is great album on its own. I was glad to see Lisa Kekaula return. She really does have quite a range. Again, I did not hear a song that I didn't like, so I went through all of them.

Sound Of Waves CD.jpg

"Sunflower" (Nice sound. I like the mix between lead and backing vocals. Also love the guitar sound. Reminds me of George Harrison.)

"Sound of Waves" (I like how the song builds and the drums that mimic the waves rolling in. Great work Brad Vaughan.)
 "Going Home" (Nice vocal harmonies and guitars.)

"On a Sunday Morning" (I really like the guitars in this. Tim Loughlin returns on vocals and does a great job.)
 "Cinnamon" (This song rocks. Reminds me of earlier Dangers with the addition Lisa's wonderful vocals.)
 "Revolution Rock" (Nice rocker. Mike Geoghegan did a great job vocals.)
 "Who's This Guy?" (Love that Bossa Nova sound Lisa's vocals.) 

"Give It Away" (This is a great hard rocking song. The beginning reminds me a little of "Gloria".)
 "90 Miles" (Great driving song. Makes you want to cut loose and put the gas pedal down to the floor. Lisa's vocals really shine.)

"Lucky" (What can I say about this Dangers classic? This was probably the first song I heard by them, but I think I heard Johnny Hickman's version first. It is a hard song to sing along with without getting emotional. Chris and Lisa do a great job on vocals.) 

"Live Again" (This is a very interesting song and different from anything I've heard by The Dangers up to this point. It channels Tina Turner and Sly and the Family Stone doing a religious revival. I love the vocals and the addition of the horns and organ. It makes you want to jump up and dance.)