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The Mighty Grasshoppers

I bought 'The Mighty Grasshoppers' album a little while ago. I have listened to it quite a few times now and finally had some time to write out some thoughts on it. I really like this album. It is very solid with its pacing and the quality of the songs. Hear is my thoughts on the songs.


"Too Late Too Soon" (Nice opening rocker. I really like the guitar effects and the solo. I also like how it bookends the album.)
 "Think About Me" (I like the vocal harmonies on this one. The drums really stand out too.)

"Big Pile O' Rocks" (This one has that 60's Garage Rock sound that I love. Nice guitars and keyboard I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the song, but I think of the group Rockpile when I hear this.)

"Never Again" (Nice slow song. I like the guitar sound in the background that happens before each line in the second verse. It reminds me of The Guess Who's "No Time". The solo is also very nice.) 
"I Wouldn't Follow" (This one has a country feel to it. I really like all of the guitars on this.) 
"Goin' Through It Again" (Great to hear Tim Loughlin again. I also like the guitars and drumwork in this.)
 "Come On Night" (This has a 50's Rockabilly feel to it with a modern spin. I really like the piano, organ and interaction between Chris and the backing vocals.) 

"Caravan" (This is a nice symbolic song that I took to be about hopes and dreams. I really like the line "A peaceful mind is a mighty sword.". The organ really stands out.)

"I'll Find Her" (Another nice rocker. I really like the guitars on this one.)

"Let It Drown" (I have always liked this song. There are two versions of it on the Death of Me 'Life's Hard Make It Softer' album. I really like this version because of the way each member of the band takes a line of the first verse and third verses and then come together for the chorus. All the instruments shine on this one.)

"Lone Wolf" (I like the guitar effects and vocal harmonies on this song about lost love and loneliness.)
"Mockingbird" (Nice guitar sound and vocal harmonies on this one.)

"Breakdown" (This is probably my favorite Dangers song. I really like this version by The Grasshoppers as well. This rendition is harder and has a killer guitar solo. The vocals really get intense towards the end. I also love how the last beat of the song sounds like a door being slammed. Lot's of angst.)

"Get Hoppy" (This is a fun song that is listed as a hidden track. It starts off as an rocking instrumental that I feel channels Johnny Rivers. The audience cheers and whistles just add to the fun. I love how it breaks into "Too Late Too Soon" for a few seconds before the album ends and completes the bookend.)

This was a fun album that I am glad to have.