Land Of Opportunity - The Dangers (MP3)


Land Of Opportunity - The Dangers (MP3)


The Dangers - Land Of Opportunity

1.   The Opportunity

2.   Satisfied

3.   Live A Lifetime

4.   Walk That Line

5.   Grenade

6.   Last Three Songs

7.   Pick It Up

8.   Turn Around

9.   California, How I Love You

10.  Rapping Telephone Line

11.   Grenade (slight return)

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Chris LeRoy: Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Organ
KimberLee Mihalski: Vocals (Tracks 2,6 & 8)
Mike Geoghegan:Guitars, Vocals
Mac McFuzz: Bass
Ralph Torres: Keyboards, Vocals
Brad Vaughn: Drums, Percussion

Bob Nye:  Vocals (Track 7)
Bill Barrett: Harmonica (Tracks 5 & 9)
Brad Lewis: Guitars ( Tracks 5 and 9)
Roy Durnal: Acoustic Bass (Tracks 5 & 9)
Edward Berrios: Trumpet, Flugelhorn (Track 10)
Aidan Vaughn: Handclaps
From Raincross Drive: Vocals
Kelly McGuire and Mike G. (Track 8)

Produced by Chris LeRoy
Engineered by Maria Baglien
@ Studio in Redlands, CA
Mastering: Thaddeus Moore at Liquid Mastering
Album Design: Raoul Ranoa and Chris LeRoy
All photos: Dorothea Lange
from Library of Congress Collection

If you have the time,
please join us in whipping up this lightning storm.
mind over matter….
Adam Yauch