The Dangers - "The Dangers" (MP3)

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The Dangers blue.jpg

The Dangers - "The Dangers" (MP3)

  1. How To Feel
  2. Happy Times
  3. Truth Comes Out
  4. Bad Enough
  5. Hang On Hold On (featuring Lisa Kekaula)
  6. Simple Things
  7. Wrong
  8. Wandering Around (featuring Johnny Hickman)
  9. You're Not Dancing
  10. Walking Highway 61

Released in 2009

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The Dangers are:
Chris LeRoy - vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards
Bob Vennum - vocals, guitar, bass
Brad Vaughn - drums, percussion
Tim Loughlin - bass

Special Guests:
Lisa Kekaula - vocals on "Hang On Hold On"
Johnny Hickman - guitar, vocals on "Wandering Around"
Phoenix Coleman - vocals on "How To Feel"
Chad Villareal - vocals, drums, percussion on "Wrong" and "How To Feel"

For Ken Chambers

All song 2009 Chris LeRoy
Published by New West Crash Music (ASCAP)

Recorded at Lo-Fi Studios
Produced by Bob Vennum and Chris LeRoy
Engineered by Maria Baglien
Artwork by Bob Vennum and Raoul Renoa