The Dangers - Why We Long To Stay (MP3)


The Dangers - Why We Long To Stay (MP3)

  1. Motor On

  2. Fifteen Strong (Campout Song)

  3. Sad Emotions

  4. Why I Long To Stay

  5. Every Day Is Borrowed Time

  6. Here Before

  7. A Good Day

  8. Angels

  9. There’s A Light

  10. Valentine

  11. Remain

All songs © Chris LeRoy 2019

Published by New West Crash Music/ASCAP

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The Dangers are:

Chris LeRoy: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards

Mike Geoghegan: Guitars,Vocals

Matt Wyckoff: Bass, Vocals

Ralph Torres: Keyboards,Vocals

Brad Vaughn: Drums, Percussion


Aidan Vaughn: Percussion

Production Credits:

Produced by Chris LeRoy

Engineered by Maria Baglien

@ Studio in Redlands, CA

Mastering: Thaddeus@ Liquid Mastering

Album Design: Raoul Ranoa and Chris LeRoy

Photography: Michael Wertz (with his kind permission)

Additional photos: MB

Painting: The Dance Marc Chagall 1951