(MP3) The Dangers - Embrace The Light Outside

dangers embrace.jpg
dangers embrace.jpg

(MP3) The Dangers - Embrace The Light Outside

  1. There's A River, Sweet Virginia
  2. Hello Day Sleeper
  3. Silent Is The Falling Star
  4. The Narrow Way
  5. The Bell
  6. Lamp In The Midnight Hour
  7. Once
  8. Here I Stand
  9. Now

Released in 2012

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The Dangers are:
Chris LeRoy - guitar, vocals, keyboards, bass, harmonica
Bob Vennum - guitar, bass, vocals, percussion
Brad Vaughn - drums, percussion
Tim Loughlin - bass, vocals


Additional vocals
The Paper Crowns: Nicole Pond and Sprio Nicolopoulos on "Now"
The Sedans: Ralph Torres and Mike Georghegan with Judy Davila (tracks 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 9)

Produced by Bob Vennum and Chris LeRoy
Engineered by Maria Baglien

Recorded at STUDIO in our fair city, Redlands, CA
and Giant Steps Studios, Riverside, CA

Mastered by Bob "Big Bottom" Lanzner at Technovoice, Studio City, CA

Artwork by Raoul Renoa and Chris
Cover painting "A Caucasian Study" Victory Borisov-Musatov 1895

…thanks, mom!