The Dangers - All Rivers Collide (MP3)

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Dangers All Rivers CD.jpg

The Dangers - All Rivers Collide (MP3)


1.  Maybe I Want You

2.  All Rivers Collide

3.  We All Get Lost Sometimes

4.  Dream For Days

5.  Grace

6.  New Gold Band

7.  His House Has Many Rooms

8.  Rain Me Silver

9.  Girl From Louisiana

10. Unfaithful One

11. Tell Me

12. Love Forever

Released in 2016

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The Dangers

Chris LeRoy: vocals, guitar, keyboards
Mike Geoghegan: guitar, vocals
Mac McFuzz: bass
Ralph Torres: keyboards, vocals (lead track 11)
Brad Vaughn: drums, percussion

Additional Musicians
Don Teschner: fiddle (tracks 5, 8, 9, 10)
Bill Briscoe: violin (tracks 5, 9)
Mark Nemetz: guitar (track 5)
Tony Fate: guitar (track 10)
Aidan Vaughn: handclaps (track 1)

Additional Vocals
Raincross Drive:
Kelly McGuire, Mike G. and Ralph T.
(tracks 2, 5, 9)

All Songs © 2016 Chris LeRoy
Published by New West Crash Music/ASCAP
*Except GIRL FROM LOUISIANA© 1980 Chris LeRoy Published by New West Crash Music/ASCAP and Tony Fate Published by Vital Gesture Music/BMI

Produced by Chris LeRoy  
Recording Engineer: Maria Baglien @ STUDIO Redlands, CA Mastering:  Thaddeus@Liquid Mastering
Album Design: Raoul Ranoa and Chris LeRoy