Death Of Me - Life's So Hard Make If Softer MP3

Death of Me CD.jpg
Death of Me CD.jpg

Death Of Me - Life's So Hard Make If Softer MP3

  1. Please Please Please
  2. The Trees
  3. Heroes
  4. Following A River
  5. I Don't Even Know Myself
  6. Last Train
  7. Sue The Bible Study Girl
  8. Resurrection Train
  9. Demon Shoes
  10. Don't Whisper
  11. Saint And Sinner
  12. Let It Drown
  13. This Life
  14. Close Call
  15. Let It Drown (Reprise) 
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Death Of Me

Mike Wilkerson: Voice/Guitar

Matt Kjorvestad: Drums

Chris LeRoy: Voice/Guitar/Piano/Bass


Craig "The Saint" Goldsberry: Bass (tracks 2, 6, 12, 15) 

Tony Fate: Guitar (track 13) 

Bob Vennum: Guitar (track 2) 

Josh Holley: Guitar (track 2) 

Gary Kjorvestad/Miles LeRoy: Backing vocals (track 15) 

Special Guest: 

Lisa Kekaula: Vocals on Last Train

Produced by Chris LeRoy and Robert Vennum

Recorded and Mixes Lo-Fi Studios  Maria Baglie: Engineer

Mastered by Bob Lanzner@Technovoice Mastering

Graphics Raoul Ranoa/ Additional Lyrics: Gary Kjorvestad

Thanks: Johnny Hickman, David Lowery, MORST, tami, Garod, Steve, Lisa, Big Dave, Jason, Mungo, iamacracker2, Andreas, Tippy Mathieu, Paulette, Robert LeRoy Diaz, Ruth, David Mirabella, Kevin Day, The BellRays, Mz Joey, Aubyn, CC Bonney, Amy, Kory, April, Art and for Christina, Miles and Jordan . . .