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Chris Leroy - “The Lonesome Susie Demos”

It has been a while. I have finally been able to listen to 'The Lonesome Susie Demos'. It took me a little longer on this one because I compared the different versions of the songs before making my observations. I really enjoyed this album because I got to hear early versions of some of my favorite Dangers songs. I just went through each song and gave my thoughts.

Demo Front.JPG

"Whole Lotta Trouble 1988" (I never got the 'Empire Records - The Soundtrack' that features this song, but I do have it on Cracker's 'Garage D'Or' album. I've always liked this song and I like this early version. The guitars have a nice sound. It is also interesting to hear how you and Johnny's voices sounded back then.) 

"Grace" (Inspirational song written for Mark Nemetz'daughter, Grace from the 'All Rivers Collide' album. Very nice accoustic guitar and vocals on this version.)
 "Come To Me" (Song from Chris's solo album 'The Spirit That Brings Us Here'. This version is a nice stripped down version that is played somewhat slower than the version that appears on that album. The vocals are a little subdued and it gives the feeling of an older recording like Hank Williams). I like the harmony between Chris' and Lisa Nemetz' vocals.)

"Girl From Louisiana" (A fun song that I really like that appears on the album 'All Rivers Collide'. The vocals are a little subdued so they have that old recording affect again. I like that.) 
"In A Station" (This is the only version of this song I know of. It is a very nice song. I like the harmonies and the guitar work. The guitar sound on this one reminds me of George Harrison.)

"Don't Even Know Myself" (Very nice song that I think we can all relate to at times. A very different version of it appears on The Death of Me's album 'Life's So Hard Make It Softer'. I actually prefer this version. I really like the piano and the vocal harmony. It kind of feels like later Beatles.)

"This House Has Many Rooms" (This is one of my favorite Dangers songs. It appears as an electric rocker on 'All Rivers Collide'. This is an accoustic version that works equally well. Very nice guitar and vocals.) 
"Unfaithful One" (This song appears on 'All Rivers Collide'. The version here is an early live version that really rocks. The guitars and vocal harmonies shine on this one.)
 "SB Banjo Boy" (Banjo instrumental version of San Bernardino Boy which is a song that appears in different versions on Johnny Hickman's 'Palmhenge' and Cracker's 'Berkeley to Bakersfield'. I'm curious about the evolution of this song. How did it go from being an instrumental to a song?)

"My Someday" (A favorite from 'The Dangers Gold' appears here in a different form that works well. I enjoy the guitars, especially the solo, and the vocals.)

That covers 'The Lonesome Susie Demos (Chris Leroy Vault Vol. 1)'. I really enjoyed this. I am looking forward to 'Vol. 2' and the next Dangers album.