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The Dangers, “In Our Room”

In Our Room CD.jpg

It is that time again. I have listened to 'In Our Room' and want to share my thoughts. I really like how the album cover is a picture of part of your studio. It is so cool since I have had the honor to stand in that very hallway. This is another fine Dangers Album. I did have to listen a couple extra times since there are 15 songs this time around. Here are my thoughts on them.

"Union" (I like the buildup of this from the lone vocals at the opening to the full band. The drums are also great. Nice, upbeat opener.) 
"Honest" (Blue song. I really like it. Vocal harmonies, guitars and the piano in this are very good.)
 "Last Winter 1995" (Fun, Americana song. When backing vocals first kicked in, I was reminded of Richard Manuel and Levon Helm, which is very cool.) 
"Late Talent Hour" (Love this Irish, folk rock sounding song. I also like the references to other songs like "Orange Blossom Special" and Neil Young's "Sugar Mountain".) 

"In Our Room" (Title track. Great vocals and guitars.) 
"Love Let Me Down" (Very upbeat sounding song. Really like the vocal harmonies and all of the added instruments like the horns and keyboards.)
 "After The Rain" (Very nice and light song. Pammy Faragher does a great job on vocals. Vocal harmonies again are very nice.) 
"This I Know" (I really like this track. Ralph Torres' vocals are excellent. All of the instruments really shine on this one.) 
"Shinetime" (A very high energy and fun song. Love the guitars in this one. Chris and Ralph's do an excellent job on vocals.) 
"Miss Fortunate Lies" (I love the guitar work in this. The piano and vocal harmonies are also very nice.)

"Days We Don't Celebrate" (Another song with excellent guitars and guitar effects. I also like the bass and vocals harmonies on this.)
 "Armory" (This has that Psychedelic/Garage Rock sound that I really love. Chris' opening vocals remind me a litle of Paul Revere and The Raiders. This is the sound I am really interested in playing if I ever learn to play.)
 "Hush Harbor" (I really like the backing vocals and the guitars on this one.)

"Goodnight Starbright" (This is a very powerful and emotional song that brings memories of those we love who have gone on before us. Like "Lucky" this is a hard song to sing along without getting emotional. My humble words do not do it justice.) 
"Something Right" (Nice closer to the album. I really like the vocals, guitars, keyboards and the addition of the strings.)