The Dangers have been making music since the late 1970’s. Formed in Southern California, The Dangers stood out against the bands from the punk era.

Songwriter Chris LeRoy is the original member of The Dangers that included guitarist Johnny Hickman (Cracker) and founder Bob Kjorvestad. Some of the band’s original recordings (and new songs) are on the 2007 release, dedication and The Dangers (blue album) released in 2008 with guitarist, Robert Vennum and Brad Vaughn on drums. Following those albums, the band focused on new material.

LeRoy and Vennum produced Little Bit Of Light, Embrace The Light Outside, Gold!, Sound Of Waves. The BellRays’ Lisa Kekaula sang lead and backing vocals in this era. In 2014 The Dangers added guitarist Mike Geoghegan and bassist Mac McFuzz replacing Vennum and bassist Tim Laughlin. Ralph Torres joined the band adding keyboards and vocals blending with Geoghegan.

The following releases, In Our Room, All Rivers Collide and Land Of Opportunity opened new musical directions for LeRoy and the group. The band added bassist Matt Wycoff in 2017. LeRoy has produced the last six albums, including Dreamtime and their latest, Why We Long To Stay.

The Dangers are: Chris LeRoy, Brad Vaughn, Mike Geoghegan, Ralph Torres and Matt Wycoft.

The Dangers Two Lane Highway Sampler



The Dangers 11th have released their latest album, Why We Long To Stay. First single is “Fifteen Strong (Campout Song).” The album is available for download with the following options (click on the links for more info:

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Order the new t-shirt and get the CD with download for $25.

New! In Our Room With The Dangers podcast Chris talks about “Fifteen Strong (Campout Song)” and “Angels.

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Booking info - 951-317-3239


Upcoming Shows -

December 7 - Annual Christmas Show

Recent Shows -

August 3rd 15th & Final Campout, Pappy & Harriet’s

August 4th - Annual Fi-Stock with The Dangers

March 3 - The Dangers at Ramonos

December 1 - Annual Christmas Show

September 6 - MTL Unplugged


Podcast: In Our Room With The Dangers

Want to hear the story behind the songs? New Podcast featuring “Fifteen Strong (Campout Song).”

Lyrics and images for Why We Long To Stay visit Chris’ Lo-Fi Songbook site.