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The Dangers - “Gold!” (2013)

Here are my thoughts on 'The Dangers Gold'. Wow! The title fits. There is also quite a mix of styles on this album and it works. I love the addition of Lisa Kekaula's vocals. She has so much range that I thought that "Island of Lost Souls" and "My Someday" were sung by two different people. The whole album was solid, so it is hard to pick favorites. I'll just do like last time and go through brief thoughts on each song.


"Blue Ride Home" (A nice opener. I like the backing vocals and the sound of the guitar solo.)

"Psychedelia" (Love the effects on this. Fuzzy and wah-wah guitar and great keyboards.)

"Island of Lost Souls" (Love Lisa's vocals on the very bluesy song. Very nice guitar and keyboard work.)

"Everybody In" (A fun song and a different sound from anything I've heard by The Dangers to this point.

The beginning reminded me of The 5th Dimension crossed with Bossa nova.)

"Waterloo Evening" (Nice rockin' song. I like the guitar and piano work. Kinks sequel?)

"Peace Sign" (Hard rockin' song. I like the harmonies, guitars and drums.)

"Mary Anne" (Great song. It sounds like it could have come out of Muscle Shoals. Loved all of the instrumentation. Great job on vocals Rob Vennum.)

"Flowers and Trees" (I like the story. Tim Loughin also did a great job on vocals.)

"Years" (I really like the guitars, drums and the vocal harmonies.)

"My Someday" (I loved this song. Great way to end the album. I liked the scorching guitar solo, the piano work,

the addition of the horns and Lisa's vocals which really brought everything together. She really did an excellent job.)