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The Dangers - Embrace The Light Outside (2012)

I have listened to 'Embrace The Light Outside' a few times. It is another fine album with not one bad song. There was a nice balance of rock and soft songs. It was hard to pick just a few favorites this time so I didn't. Here are my favorite tracks:

dangers embrace CD.jpg

"There's A River, Sweet Virginia" (Nice guitar work)

"Hello Day Sleeper" (This is a fun song that contains the album title in the lyrics.)

"The Narrow Way" (I like the sound of this song.)

"The Bell" (Nice guitar effects and solo.)

"Lamp In The Midnight Hour" (I liked the vocal harmony on this one.)

"Once" (I like the guitar effects and rhythm.)

"Here I Stand" (I really liked the harmonica on this one. It reminded me a little of "I Should Have Known Better" by the Beatles. I also like how the lyrics "We gettin' high. We gonna cry." reappear from "The Bell").

"Now" (I really like the piano and vocals in this sad song.)