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Death Of Me - “Life’s So Hard, Make It Softer”

I have listened to Death of Me 'Life's Hard Make It Softer' probably a dozen times and wanted to share my thoughts. This is a great album. I noticed the strong spiritual theme throughout. This was more dificult to write about because the whole album feels interconnected. I am curious about the band being called Death of Me instead of The Dangers.

Death Of Me.jpg

"Please Please Please" (This is a beautiful and sad song. I liked it right away. The line "Life is hard. Make it softer." is so genius and so true. Who can argue with that message especially in today's world? I like how the keys play a melody that is joined by the guitars. All of the vocals are excellent. I like Chris' trailing vocals on the line "Can I rest now?". Great song.)

"Trees" (This is a nice rocker. I like how the guitar answers after each line of the song and how it sounds. Very nice guitar work on the solo.)
 "Heroes" (Interesting idea that the Devil would have heroes. Very nice vocal harmonies and instrumentation on this song. I really like the drums with the drum brush.)

"Following A River" (Interesting effects on this song. I really like this one too. I am not sure if the person is talking about jumping into the river to end it all or if the river is a metaphor and that the person is near the end of their life as they cling to a picture of a loved one. Nice vocals and instrumentation especially during the last minute or so.)

"I Don't Even Know Myself" (Nice song that I first heard on 'The Lonesome Susie Demos'. This is a more rocking version of that tune. I really like the guitar sound on this one.)

"Last Train" (This is great song. I like the vocal harmony between Chris and Lisa as well as the harmonica that reminds me of a train. The line about a "Monkey on my shoulder" makes me think the song is about addiction and an impending disaster from it. )

"Sue The Bible Study Girl" (Fun song that I first heard Johnny Hickman perform during one of his solo sets. The subject of the song is smitten with Sue and wants to be with her while her interest is in trying to save him from Hell. I really like the slide guitar effect on this.)
 "Resurrection Train" (This is a great sounding song. I really like the opening bass and how the whole song builds in tempo as it goes along. The vocal harmony is also very good. It sounds like the singer is waiting on a train after death to go to their final destination or to come back.)

"Demon Shoes" (This is a nice bluesy number. I like the guitar, piano and drums on this one. I really like the line "Even the Devil can quote the Bible by hand.". The singer warns not to wear the deamon shoes because you will basically dance until you are dead. I think the shoes represent some kind of temptation that will lead to destruction.) 

"Don't Whisper" (This sounds like someone that is out of their mind due to a broken romance because of a line that mentions a shrink pulling a plug. I really like the blending of the lead and backing vocals on this one.)

"Let It Drown" (Nice sounding song with just Chris and a piano about the world not being able to be saved and to just let it drown.)
 "Saint And Sinner" (I really like the vocals and guitar work on this song. To me the title pretty much sums it up. We do good and bad and are saints and sinners.)

"This Life" (This is a nice jazzy sounding song. The style reminds me a little of "Goin' Down" by The Monkees. The solo switches to a Rockabilly sound. The singer lives a fast and hard life and says that it will be the death of them.)

"Close Call" (I like the vocal harmonies and guitars and mandolin on this. This sounds like the end has possibly come for the singer, but that they do not realize it at first. It is hard to say for sure, but there are several hints about calls not being answered, disappearing doors and the line "So goodnight my old friends and lovers. I'll see you in dreams afterall.".) 

"Let It Drown (Reprise)" (Very nice expanded version of this song with backing vocals on the chorus and the addition of percussion, bass, guitar and harmonica. The song is deceptively upbeat, but it is not an upbeat song. I really like that contradiction.)

RIP Mike Wilkerson. I was saddened to see that he had passed away when I looked at the back cover. He really contributed to a great album.

I think that covers 'Life's Hard Make It Softer'. I may have been way off in some of my interpretations, but it is a fun challenge to try to figure out the meanings of the songs. I really enjoyed this album. Until next time.