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Vanessa Franko from the Press Enterprise has highlighted as the top of the Inland Empire music scene for 2011 including Chris LeRoy's "The Spirit That Brings Us Here."

"Redlands’ Chris LeRoy is one of the areas hidden songwriting  treasures. He’s a part of The Mighty Grasshoppers and The Dangers and so  many other great music-making projects, but his latest solo effort  holds its own with tracks such as Crawl and Peace Breaks Out!"

The Spirit That Brings Us Here (2011)

The Spirit That Brings Us Here (2011)

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"Recently, I was able to pick up the latest piece of music by Chris LeRoy. The Spirit that Brings Us Here is a wonderful album, and I highly recommend it. Chris is also the front man for The Dangers and The Mighty Hoppers. This is a solo endeavor but also includes appearances by numerous artists: Lisa Nemetz, Judy Davila, Elizabeth Suzanne, Miles LeRoy, Art Schindele, Tim Loughlin, Brad Vaughn, Chad Villareal, Tony Fate (Mighty Hoppers) and Bob Vennum (The Bellrays). Lisa and Chris also can be heard as Blue Wagon, which is also another fine production by Maria Baglien and LoFi records."  Lee Gary